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Here at H2O Cleaning & Restoration, we understand just how difficult it can be to deal with water or mold damage in your home or office. Our friendly professionals who deal with water damage restoration are IICRC certified in water damage, mold & odor removal services just to list a few.

H2o Cleaning & Restoration is here to help you if any of these serious issues arise. Our strong commitment to excellent customer support and communication will leave you with an experience that will ease your stress during this frustrating time.


First (Act fast) The faster we are able to extract, clean and dry The structure, the less damage that will occur by porous material absorbing the water such as carpet, pad, drywall & wood just to name a few. Humidity that is over 60% is excessively high, humidity levels at this point can cause mold growth less then 72 hrs.
Now we can start the extraction to remove standing water and water that has absorbed in carpet or padding. After the extraction and demolition "if necessary" and the cleaning, this will depend on the category (source) clear, grey or black water and its class, the amount of water (quantity) now we can start the structural drying process.

Structural Drying Service

H2O Cleaning & Restoration will be removing excess water/moisture from porous and non-porous materials until it reaches a reasonable approximate dry standard goal From a non-affected area, structural drying is drying wet buildings or dwellings that involves air movement and dehumidification to remove trapped moisture in building materials such as drywall, lumber, concrete, carpet, padding, etc...

This process will require several air movers, air scrubbers and dehumidifiers to bring down the humidity and to start the drying process. Each day we will take daily readings to verify it’s drying properly and to promote faster drying if necessary by moving or adding more equipment.
It is very common for us to only take three to six days to properly clean and dry out your structure, eliminating costly repairs and mold growth. We will work with you and your insurance company to get you back in the swing of things as soon as possible. So you can get back to your life as it normally was.

Local Water Damage Restoration Service

H2O Cleaning & Restoration is locally owned and operated servicing Madison and Saint Clair County’s of Illinois since 2010. Our crews are local residents that live in Maryville, Glen Carbon and Edwardsville areas, we're certified in water damage restoration and mold restoration services. We take “drying” to a whole new level with our equipment that can rapidly remove water & dry out residential homes fast. Our high level of customer care, IICRC standard, set us apart from the competition.

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Our Cleaning Services 

Emergency Damage Restoration 24/7

At H2o Cleaning & Restoration we would like to assess any water loss immediately within hours, so we can determine its category and its class such as a pipe break, flooded basement or sewer back up.

Contact With Your Insurance Company

At H2O our trained professionals will be able to help you evaluate the damage that was done to your home due to water or mold damage . We will then call your insurance company with you and walk you through all of the steps it will take for your insurance to cover the damage in your home.

Help You With Your Unique Situation

If you need to get water cleaned up in your home or office, give one of our friendly customer service representatives a call today. They will be able to help you with your unique situation whether it be water or mold removal or clean up service, and we will use our excellent customer service to help you answer any questions you have about the services needing done or provided.